Curacao Casinos – Best Online Casino Sites Licensed in Curacao

There are literally thousands of Curacao casinos on the internet, but very few are worth mentioning. On this page, we will show you the best Curacao online casinos right now and give you an in-depth view of the world on gambling on Curacao.

The top list below exclusively shows the top alternatives we’ve found while reviewing many hundred Curacasino casino sites over the years. Enjoy!

Number of Curacao Casinos7
Payment optionsCredit card, Bank transfer +5
Top bonus amount€10,000
Top bonus percentage600%
Fastest cashouts6 hours
Best game providersIGT, Booongo, Microgaming
Best Curacao Casinos

Top 10 Curacao Casinos 2021

CasinoFree SpinsBonusInfoPlay
Vegas Wild
  • The biggest bonus
  • Cool Vegas theme
  • Great live casino
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Red Lion Casino
  • Sports & Casino
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Royal Oak Casino
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Admiral Shark
  • Big welcome bonus
  • 100’s of slots
  • Swift withdrawals
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Mister X Casino
  • Popular choice
  • Great welcome promotions
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WG Casino
  • New non UK operator
  • 450% welcome bonus
  • Fast withdrawals
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Very Well Casino
  • New Site 2020!
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Triumph Casino
  • Exciting Games & Big Bonuses!
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  • Gamification!
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Prestige Spin
  • 1000’s of slot machine games
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Maximum Casino
  • Coolest Casino This Year!
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Agent NoWager
  • Only 1x wagering on bonus
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Magic Reels
  • Magic Experience!
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Jackpot Charm
  • Great Bonuses!
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  • Top Games This Year!
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Fruity Chance
  • New December non UK casino
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Fortune Clock Casino
  • Top Games & Bonuses!
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CrazyStar Casino
  • Brand new operator
  • Over 700 slots
  • Accept credit cards
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  • WinDiggers = best on mobile
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Lady Linda
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Golden Axe Casino
  • Top-rated by players
  • Roman-themed casino
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  • Huge 600% bonus offer
  • New non UK casino
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Agent Spins
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What are Curacao Online Casinos?

What are Curacao Casinos?

For those who don’t know, Curacao is a Lesser Antilles island country located in the Dutch Caribbean region and the southern Caribbean Sea. It’s just off the coast of Venezuela and is a fantastically popular holiday destination. 

As with many holiday getaway locations, Curacao boasts a range of casinos for tourists and locals alike to visit and win big. The best part about these casinos is that they are never found far from the beach or a resort, so after you’ve spent some time gambling, you can head down to the beach to take a relaxing dip in the water or catch some sun and do some tanning. 

In this article, we’ll be giving you all the information you could ever ask about these casinos. This includes how you can get a Curacao casino license to the comparison of UK casinos and Curacao casinos, as well as some frequently asked questions regarding the casinos in Curacao.

If that sounds interesting to you, read on to learn more.

Find Curacao Online Casinos with the following features

Quick Cashouts

Why wait for your winnings? Choose gambling sites with fast withdrawals.

Top Reputation

Just like you would not eat at a restaurant with bad reviews, you should only play at a Curacao online casino with great reputation.

High Security

Not all sites have the best security. We only show you the ones that do.

The Latest New Casinos Based In Curacao

As we mentioned previously, there are quite a few casinos in Curacao (all classified as non UK casino sites), what with it being such a popular holiday destination. Most of these non UK slot sites only offer slots not on gamstop, but there are a few that have Black Jack, roulette tables, Caribbean Stud Poker, and more.

Most casinos in Curacao offer their players a free snack and drink on the house. Here are some of the casinos you can expect to find on the island:

The Diamond Beach Casino – This is the newest casino on the island, and it is located at Jan Thiel Beach. It features more than 120 slots, Progressive Poker, Progressive Black Jack, and even American Roulette. 

The Princess Casino – At the Princess Casino, you can expect to find over 250 slot machines, Caribbean Stud Poker, Black Jack, and American Roulette. 

The Carnival Casino – Things are elevated at the Carnival Casino. With it’s 15,000 square foot interior, it offers a great variety of games for players, including some of the most challenging table games, wrapped in an upbeat, exciting ambiance. 

The History Of Curacao Casinos

Curacao is a small island found off the Venezuelan coast. Until 2010, it was part of the Netherlands, but it is now a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as a part of the ABC islands. The islands are one of the most popular Caribbean gambling destinations, especially for Americans who enjoy the setting of Las Vegas-esque casinos in a beach environment. 

Curacao boasts a variety of twelve high-class casinos that all feature slot machines, live gaming tables, bingo, restaurants, bars, and sometimes even live performances and shows. Casinos in Curacao will often close somewhere between 2 AM and 4 AM, and most of them come with a dress code, even though their atmosphere is very relaxed. 

The best and biggest casinos on the island are the Casino Awasa at the Otrabando Hotel, the Carnival Casino at the Renaissance Curacao, and the Emerald Casino at the Curacao Marriott Beach Resort. 

While the island may be quite small, the number of casinos there has shifted between 12 and 13 for quite some time, and many locals and observant tourists have noted that there have been too many casinos in Curacao for a number of years. However, if you’re an enthusiastic gambler, you might see this oversupply as more reason to visit the island, since you’ll have plenty of opportunities to win big and enjoy yourself. 

There always seems to be a casino for sale on the island, probably because there’s an oversupply. 

How to Apply For a Curacao Online Casino License

Curacao is one of the oldest online gambling licensing locations in the world, and it is one of the most popular, as well. This is due to its 450+ licensed online casinos. If you want to be able to successfully obtain a license for online gambling in Curacao, you will need to know the following information. 

It can take about two or three weeks from the date you submit the necessary documentation for your license for Curacao online casinos to be processed. Once that’s done, you will be able to collect the license remotely, and you won’t need a representative from a foreign company to be present.

The price to obtain an online Curacao casino license will vary quite significantly. You should consider consulting a specialist who will be able to consider the jurisdiction of Curacao individually, as well as work out how much it will cost for you to obtain a license. 

If you wish to be able to receive a gambling license in Curacao’s jurisdiction, you will first have to establish a company with limited local liability. The name of the company will have to be in Latin transcription, as well as individualized, and the name should not be misleading – only descriptions of the company’s real activities. 

What You Need To Get a Curacao Casino License

The gambling license of Curacao is one of the easiest to acquire, and its influence extends to all facets of gambling. For official gambling activities, you will need to pass the mandatory registration for the company in Curacao, as well as receive a license. One license can be registered for a number of different activities, like poker, casino, lotteries, and even sports betting.

When you contact the company, the client will submit the minimum document list, and you will be able to consult with the company so that they may inform you of all the documents you are required to provide. You will also be assisted with the collection of documents, which will make things easier. 

Here are the things you will need in order to obtain your Curacao casino license:

  • An available registered company in Curacao
  • A local representative present
  • Provision of a full description of the games
  • Rules for use of the website must be present
  • Proof of ownership of the domain
  • At least one physical server of the company in the jurisdiction
  • AML procedures must be implemented in relation to each of the players
  • A technical audit of all of the gaming systems
  • RNG certificate for software certification
  • Refusal of the registration of players under the age of 18, United States residents, and residents of the Netherlands Antilles

We highly recommend visiting this website for more information, as they provide comprehensive details about the process of applying and receiving your Curacao casino license. 

What Countries Can Curacao Licensed Gambling Sites Accept Players From?

The jurisdiction of your Curacao gambling license is a complex one. Here are all of the places that your Curacao gambling license will be valid:

  • Costa Rica and other jurisdictions that allow for online gambling operators only, but not with services within the country and not for foreign license holders
  • India and other jurisdictions with no laws on online gambling
  • Most countries in Europe and other jurisdictions that allow online gambling by locals via licensed operators from certain countries that have no domestic laws
  • Jurisdictions that allow online gambling for its locals via selected countries’ licensed operators.

How Much Does a Curacao Online Gambling License Cost?

Curacao was the first country in the world to make gambling legal, and since 1996, the island has become the most popular jurisdiction for the running of online gambling businesses, mostly because it is a country with a more stable political climate. 

One of the biggest advantages to get an online gambling license from Curacao is its affordability and its licensing conditions. A gambling license from Curacao will only cost you between $20,000 and $25,000 – a price that is well worth the services you will receive. This is why many people choose to get a Curacao gambling license for their first license. 

Can You Trust Curacao Online Casino Sites?

Unfortunately, Curacao online gambling has been known to attract rogue gaming sites, which are dishonest and often cheat their customers out of money. There are a number of reasons why Curacao gambling sites attract these kinds of licensees, with the main reason being that the cost of their license is quite low. 

However, if you’re able to stay diligent when visiting Curacao online gambling sites, your experience should be enjoyable and cheat-free. We recommend reading plenty of reviews and checking watchdog sites so that you can get more information on the reputation of some gambling sites. 

UK Gambling Commission vs. Gaming Curacao

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the strictest and most respected bodies for the regulation of gambling in the world. In 2005, the Gambling Act gave the UK jurisdiction more power and reach, so that gamblers might be better protected from unfair practices while also providing fairness and transparency.

Thanks to Curacao’s bureaucracy, minimal paperwork, and English-speaking authorities, it has become an ideal location for gamblers on a budget and startups. In comparison to other jurisdictions for gambling that have costly and strict measures in place, Curacao is much more convenient, giving it a slight upper hand. 

UK Gambling Commission:

  • License holders can operate in almost every country that does not ban online gambling
  • Potential customers receive immediate trust
  • Better customer practices
  • Stable country, politically and economically, which is perfect for business establishment
  • Lengthy license application period

Gaming Curacao

  • One license fits all: sports betting, casinos, lottery, and more
  • Cryptocurrencies can be used as payment methods
  • Quick processing periods
  • Affordable licensing costs
  • One founding member must be an Antilles resident

The Pros and Cons of Playing At Casinos In Curacao As a European Player

The laws that define what can and can’t be done in online gambling are complex, and if an online casino wants to attract customers from Europe or other markets that are regulated, then a Curacao license just might not be enough. 

The Pros:

  • Since there is an oversupply of casinos in Curacao, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when you visit. While most of the casinos offer many of the same games, some games can’t be found at other casinos on the island, so it’s fun to move between casinos and try your luck at each of them.
  • One Euro will get you 2.12 Netherlands Antillean guilders, which is the currency used in Curacao. This means you’ll have twice the amount of money you bring to the country when you get there, which means you’ll have more money to use at the slots or the tables and more opportunities to hit the jackpot. 
  • Many of the casinos on the island are found in resorts near the beach, which means that you’ll be able to catch some rays and take a dip in the ocean when you’re done gambling. This is something that not many Europeans get to do in their homeland, especially those who live inland.

The Cons:

  • While the oversupply of casinos on the island can be seen as a pro, it can also be seen as a con, as well. You’ll probably be swamped with promotional emails and letters about the different casinos, and you might even have a hard time choosing between which ones to visit since so many of them are of high quality. 

Why Do Casinos Operate From Curacao?

One of the main reasons that casinos choose to operate from Curacao is because the Curacao license is one of the most budget-friendly licenses out there. The renewal fee is also extremely low, and it also does not come with any gaming taxes, unlike many other jurisdictions. The application process is simple and can be completed in a matter of weeks. 

This is excellent for startups that want their expenses to stay low and that want to be profitable as soon as possible. All that casino owners need to do is apply for one license that covers all their games and keeps the description of their business updated. The maintenance of the license and related corporate structures is quite simple, as well. 

Another of the major advantages that come with operating from Curacao is the 0% VAT, as well as the 0% tax for corporate profits. Also, cryptocurrencies can be used as the method of payment for operators who comply. The Curacao casino license is one of the best out there.

Its ease of acquisition, low cost, and reputation are what make it so popular amongst startup casinos. It helps that the country is also politically and socially stable and can meet the iGaming providers’ needs. English is spoken throughout the island, and the authorities are supportive and welcoming of new businesses.

Curacao Casino FAQ

Are Curacao casinos safe?

As with most casinos in the world, the casinos found on the island of Curacao are as safe as can be. The country is not known for its crime rate, and you can rest assured knowing that, when you walk into a casino in Curacao, you’re in good hands.

Do I need to pay tax on winnings from Curacao casinos?

You are not under any obligation to pay taxes directly through the casino for games like sports, poker, lotteries, and so on. There are also no local tax laws on the island that are able to directly affect any winning you might earn at a Curacao casino.

However, you should keep in mind that this does not apply to your local taxes, where you will need to declare to the relevant authorities the withdrawal of your winnings in USD, EUR etc., as well as for cryptocurrencies.

Who do I report to if a Curacao casino doesn’t pay my winnings?

We are not joking when we say that some people have been waiting for years to receive their winnings that they’ve earned from an online Curacao casino. There is no standard time frame for which you will get paid your winnings if they are sent from a licensed Curacao gambling site, so you will always be at the site’s mercy when it comes to if and when they choose to pay you your winnings.

Again, ensure that you are gambling responsibly and that you are constantly reading reviews about different Curacao gambling websites.