How do Gamstop block casinos?

Gamstop is a cost-free blocking service for problem gamblers in the UK. Once you have signed up willingly for this program, you self-exclude from all registered casinos. Simply put, it is your one-stop solution and it applies to gambling sites registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Also, it is effective in blocking gambling platforms you have yet to sign up for. 

In the UK, online casinos are required to have self-excluding options for their players to take control of their gambling habits. Gamstop lets you do just that and much more. In every casino, the players’ well-being should be of primary concern. It is crucial for unregistered casinos to also give punters a chance to self-exclude. Although Gamstop offers you online support and free advice, the self-exclusion process isn’t entirely automated, as it requires your input. If you are seeking to reduce or quit gambling activities, this is an excellent place to start. 

If you’re not sure you want to take this course of action, do not worry. We have compiled various points of interest to walk you through this process. Read on to find out how Gamstop works, its pros and cons, alternatives, as well as how to remove it.

How Does It Work?

The good thing about this software is that every punter can have access to it. That and the fact that it functions in such a simple manner makes it a fantastic choice for any gambler. A player just needs to sign up for the program and be patient as their request is approved. Upon approval, they can choose their preferred period of self-banning. Players of online casinos not on Gamstop do not enjoy these possibilities and thus cannot be deterred from online gambling.

Gamstop Pros and Cons 

Passionate players might find this tool an excellent choice due to the support it offers during difficult times. Besides that, the voluntary scheme accompanied by the dedication to diminishing one’s gambling habits will make the whole self-exclusion process worthwhile.


  • Free Network: Its main target is players that would love to take some time off from gambling and focus on other things. The fact that it is free is a good indication, as anyone that uses online gambling sites can self-exclude. 
  • Available To All UK Operators: Any casino operator in Britain can access this tool as long as they are registered with Gamstop. As it expands its networks, its members continue to grow.
  • Live Chat: Another upside about this software is the fact that once you install it on your device, you can get assistance through live chats. These live chats allow real-time communication between players and the customer care team. The Gamstop help desk is fully operational every day of the week, starting from 8:00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. Alternatively, you can opt for phone calls or emails.


With the Gamstop software, you have all it takes to restrict your gambling habits. The tool on its own can do very little, though, so it is up to you to be dedicated to changing your habits. Here are some of the drawbacks of this software you should know about.

  • Unavailable For Offshore Operators: Currently, the software is unavailable for offshore operators. This means that you can’t find its services for online casinos based outside of the UK. This means that a UK citizen who has signed up for Gamstop will continue gambling online freely while abroad. In situations like these, tracing gambling activities is impossible, rendering the solution ineffective.
  • Players May Encounter Issues After Self-exclusion: After the self-exclusion time period has elapsed, it is common for online casinos to blacklist their players who have been participants in this scheme. This makes it difficult for punters to access top-class destinations.

Can I Remove Gamstop? 

There are cases where gamblers register with this platform and then want to opt-out suddenly, but there’s no escape! Once you sign up, going back isn’t an option. It is essential to know that once you’re signed into Gamstop, you can’t play at any registered casino. You could maybe seek unregistered casinos or that outside of the UK, though.

Are there casino sites not on Gamstop?

Yes, there are multiple casinos not on gamstop on the internet. However, we don’t recommend anyone living inside the UK to play at these sites. You should only play on non UK casinos if you don’t live in the United Kingdom.

International Alternatives To Gamstop 

Because they have no access to Gamstop, players outside the UK use several other tools for self-exclusion. Some of these schemes have stringent rules and will monitor all of your gambling activities in detail. Here are some of them.

  • SpelPaus (Sweden): This tool is available all over Sweden. Besides tackling gambling abuse, it helps punters refrain from gambling. Also, they help avoid direct marketing from casino operators.
  • ROFUS (Denmark): ROFUS is a gambling authority based in Denmark that is tasked with voluntarily and personally registering self-excluded players. Because it covers both land-based and online gambling activities, non-ROFUS gambling sites in the country do not exist.
  • Internal Casino Tools: To bring moderation in the gambling industry, most countries have come up with their own tools. Some governments have complete control over online gambling, while others use the self-banning tools included in iGaming platforms, such as Netnanny, BetFilter, and Gamban.

Gamstop FAQs

What Is a Gamstop Scheme?

Gamstop is a UK-based scheme that allows punters to practice restrictions when it comes to online gambling. It is available for Northern Ireland and UK citizens and requires players to sign up before choosing the period of time they would like to self-exclude.

How Long Will My Self-exclusion Last?

The minimum accepted period of exclusion is six months. Of course, you can choose the duration of your liking if you would like to choose a period of longer than six months. After the period elapses, you have to contact Gamstop to lift the ban, as it doesn’t expire automatically.

Will My Credit Rating Be Affected?

No, only gambling with credit card online casinos can have an impact on your credit rating. Gamstop, in no way, affects your credit score.