Top Casino Licences Outside of the UK

Sometimes when living abroad you just want an overseas gambling experience outside of the United Kingdom, without the need for a UKGC licence. Luckily, there are a number of exotic operators, but the only problem is that some of them do not accept customers from Britain. 

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, or UKGC, strictly prohibits the operation of overseas gambling operators, but there is a solution to this problem if you don’t live in the UK. In this article, we’ll be looking over some of the best casinos and casino licences that are not based in the United Kingdom. 

If you’re interested in that, then keep on reading. 

What is a Casino Licence?

Obtaining an appropriate casino gaming licence is the first step to opening an online casino. A special gaming committee will issue the gaming licence as proof that the business is legitimate and the payouts for winning will be guaranteed. 

A gambling licence is a requirement for any activity involving gambling, which includes games relying on luck or bets, like poker, slots, lotteries, roulette, and sports betting. For the gambling industry to stay totally transparent, each jurisdiction will outline its own regulations and rules that are codified by the law. 

To obtain a gambling licence, the operator will need to comply with both the licence conditions and the law. 

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

As the name suggests, the Malta Gaming Authority, or MGA, is Malta’s board for the control of gambling. It is responsible for the regulation of most of the forms of gambling in its territory, which includes both online gambling services like B2B and B2C services, as well as land-based gambling operations. 

One of the main advantages of playing at a new casino regulated by the MGA is that they provide players with a safe and clear framework which they can play on at online gambling services and physical casinos, without worrying about their data, fund protection, and fair play. 

Curacao eGaming

If you’re an experienced off-shore gambler, then you are probably familiar with Curacao eGaming. Curacao is one of the oldest and most politically stable providers of regulated online gambling services. Their licence data centres and IP compliance services are strategically placed across the globe. 

They provide a full range of private cloud servers, dedicated servers, cloud storage, GEO IP services, and more. They also offer worldwide corporate services that are provided by their leading, authorized licensed Fiduciary Services Providers, to provide professional daily management of companies in a number of jurisdictions around the world. 

Learn more about Curacao eGaming here.

SGA (Spelinspektionen / Swedish Gambling Authority) 

The SGA (Swedish Gambling Authority) is responsible for ensuring the safety, legality, and reliability of the Swedish gambling and gaming market. Their aim is to provide their customers with all of the necessary tools for fair gaming.

They do this by maintaining a balanced and transparent gambling market, as well as reducing the potentially harmful effects that gambling can have on the social lives and experiences of their customers. They grant permits for gaming machines, national lotteries, restaurant casinos, and even some bingo permits. 

Click here to learn more about the Swedish Gambling Authority, including their commission and tasks. 

DGA (Spillemyndigheden / Danish Gambling Authority)

The Danish Gambling Authority is the executive authority that operated under the Danish Ministry of Taxation. They are the people responsible for ensuring that the Denmark gambling market is properly regulated and that players are protected against illegal and unfair gambling. 

They administer the gambling legislation, which includes betting, lotteries, gaming machines, online casinos, land-based casinos, and public poker tournaments. The DGA is also responsible for issuing licences to provide gambling, monitoring the gambling market, and supervising gambling operators.

The DGA has an entire page on their website dedicated to providing customers and prospective gamblers with the information they need.

AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stado / Italian Gambling Authority)

Online gambling has always been a bit of a challenge in Italy. It was difficult for operators to provide gambling services until fairly recently. Nowadays, gambling in Italy is legal, but the practice does come with a few conditions, and obtaining an Italian gambling licence can be pretty tricky. 

The AAMS is limited by the law, and can only issue 200 licences at any particular time. This means that the body takes preference to provide to Italian gambling operators before they provide a licence to international gambling operators. 

The licences also have strict conditions attached to them, and if you are an operator planning to apply for an Italian licence, then you will need to provide the AAMS with a bit of evidence. 

Click here to learn more about the AAMS.

Gibraltar Gaming License

All of the gambling operations that take place in Gibraltar will have to be licensed under the 2005 Gambling Act. Remote Gambling Licences will be issued by the Licensing Authority, including those for internet and telephone betting services. 

Historically, the Licensing Authority has only ever considered licensing blue-chip companies that have a proven, legitimate record of gambling in different jurisdictions. However, the jurisdiction will also consider providing licences to start-up companies that have the appropriate funding, as well as expanding operations that are looking to completely or partly relocate from another jurisdiction. 

Learn more about the Gibraltar Gaming License here

Alderney Gaming License

The AGCC, or Alderney Gambling Control Commission, is both non-political and independent and is responsible for the regulation of eGambling for the States of Alderney. You do not need to create a local company most of the time if you wish to acquire a gambling licence in Alderney, and if you do choose to incorporate a company, you won’t be paying much. 

The AGCC has developed and maintained their reputation for the online gambling business both in Alderney and around the world. Companies that hold certificates or licenses in Alderney receive an image that is trustworthy, thanks to the standards and the investigation process that the AGCC maintains. 

See the AGCC website for more details. 

Isle of Man Gaming License

Like Curacao, the Isle of Man was one of the very first jurisdictions to introduce legislation, which promoted the development of online gambling operators. Their regulatory body is in place to make sure that an Isle of Man Gaming License may be obtained by those that remain free of illegal influences, operate freely, and agree to protect the money spent by their players. 

The regulatory and licensing controls have become more responsive to the needs of the online gambling and land-based gambling industries. If you’d like to learn more about the Isle of Man Gaming License, see this website

Åland Gaming License

At first glance, it may seem that, because there is only one licence under Åland, that the rules would be rather lenient, but that is not the case. The Åland Gaming licence is very well executed and covers all of the essential things that need to be covered. 

The PAF is one of the more well-respected gambling licence providers, thanks to their responsible services and high standards of operation. PAF, while being a monopoly, still takes the protection of their players very seriously, and offers assistance in resolving disputes.

Belgium Gaming License

Belgium’s gambling industry is under the regulation of the BGC, or Belgian Gambling Commission, which follows the rules that are outlined in the 2011 Gaming Act. The jurisdiction has been quite attractive to operators, thanks to its high economic level, but the industry is also very strictly regulated. 

The BGC offers a number of different license types for different gaming operators and staff. If you are looking to start an online gambling operation based in Belgium, then you will need to either become partners with a land-based company or have your own land-based license.

Antigua & Barbuda Gaming License

The Antigua and Barbuda was one of the first-ever countries not only to allow gambling but also to issue casino certificates to non-residents. The FSRC, or Financial Services Regulatory Commission, is responsible for considering applicants in the country. 

They offer two types of gambling certificates, with the main difference between them being that one of them involves the verification of the random number generator. This is the software used in every gambling game and is what allows the winner to be selected completely at random. 
Learn more about the Antigua & Barbuda Gaming License here.

Remember that casinos licensed outside the UK are not on Gamstop

All non UK gamling sites and offshore casinos are not on gamstop, as this is exclusively for UK operators. When living and playing abroad at sites licensed in other parts of the world there might be similar schemes available but many times not. Just keep this in mind and play safe.