The ultimate guide to Gamblock

Imagine spending all your days spinning reels of your favourite slot and having no time to engage in other activities. If this is your life, you should know that it is toxic, and you need to stay away from iGaming for a while. Gamblock can offer you this break.

If you are in search of software that blocks gambling traffic from your PC, phone, or tablet, Gamblock may be just the right choice for you. Although it may cost you money, it is worth everything in the case of gambling addiction. The price of the software is dependent on the number and type of connected devices. 

When used on a phone, users can opt for the visible or invisible mode. The invisible mode will barely be recognizable by people using your phone, while the visible mode is the complete opposite. Some of this software’s good features include automated blocking of incoming and outgoing calls to gambling agencies, easy transfer to new devices, and blocking of gambling-related apps. This software also blocks pages and Facebook games that have to do with gambling.

Featuring loads of features, Gamblock is available as a single license, or you can get numerous licenses for multiple users. It is undergoing continuous development with its security, irremovability, and diagnostic features being constantly updated. Keep reading to find out how the software works, its pros and cons, how you can remove it, and the alternatives to it. We will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about Gamblock.

How Does Gamblock Work? 

Gamblock software works by restricting access to gambling content. Its powerful nature shouldn’t fool you because its operation is quite simple. Once installed on your device, it starts working its magic. Any time you try accessing gambling information, the software gives you one minute to exit the page. If you fail to do so, your entire computer will be shut down. Here is a step-by-step guide on how Gamblock works.

  • You open a gambling site.
  • The software blocks the site and displays a message.
  • Other browsers remain unaffected.
  • A one-minute countdown starts once Gamblock accesses the gambling software.

Gamblock Pros and Cons 

iGaming destinations, trading sites, Proxy websites, and online bookmakers could be potentially dangerous content for problem gamblers. This tool helps you practice responsible gambling, and there are several advantages that come along with it.


  • Multiple Platforms: The software is compatible with Windows, Android, and iPhone. You can get individual Samsung Self-Exclusion, as well as Apple and Android Self-Exclusion packages from the company. Furthermore, for complete protection, you can opt for the Products and Multiple Platforms solution. Either way, Gamblock is compatible with all your devices.
  • Bypassing Gamblock Is Almost Impossible: This is one of Gamblock’s best features. With it on your device, even visiting slot sites that are not on Gamblock will be impossible, as it has the ability to detect any gambling-related content. Offshore or not, there will be no accessing established or new online casinos.
  • Flexibility: It is available as a single license or multiple licenses.
  • Superior Technology: Compared to other programs that rely on constant website updates to block gambling software and sites, Gamblock employs the use of sophisticated analyses.


Although it comes with several advantages, there is a downside to it, so before having it installed in your device, make sure you consult the service providers. Here are some of Gamblock’s disadvantages.

  • Problems When Searching For Video Games: Often, gaming, and gambling are used synonymously. This may pose problems for gamers, as they will be prevented from accessing video gaming destinations, too.
  • Slow Customer Support: As you may have seen in the plans, Gamblock comes with basic support. To receive premium support, you are required to pay more, something that won’t be possible for most users. Individuals end up settling for slow and inefficient basic support.

Can I Remove Gamblock? 

Uninstalling the software by yourself may prove to be quite a hassle, given that it is designed not to be removed until the license is deactivated. Efforts to contact the company to help remove it will prove futile, as they will do nothing about it. You will just have to contend with waiting for the license to end.

Alternatives To Gamblock 

If you’re convinced this software just isn’t fit for you, do not worry, as there are several other alternatives you can choose from. We looked at some of them to help you select a product that suits your needs and budget. These fantastic alternatives are reliable and trusted. The list consists of specialized products, such as Gamban, and multipurpose solutions, like Netnanny.

  • Gamban: This product comes with a 14-day free trial. It restricts access to your iGaming destinations and other betting sites. With this, non-UK gambling and trading sites can also be avoided.
  • BetBlocker: Featuring parental control and self-exclusion tools, the BetBlocker is a jack of all trades. It limits access to over 6,836 gambling sites and is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Mac. The icing on the cake is that this tool is entirely free. 
  • BetFilter: Problem gamblers will definitely find this a fantastic option. Apart from being pocket-friendly, the product comes with free Ad Blocker. Although you don’t get a free trial with this one, you will appreciate the videos and tutorials.
  • Netnanny: This is a famous website blocker and parental control software. Compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, and iOS, the software blocks iGaming and various other gambling content.
  • Gamstop: Just for players within the UK, but works great for all UK licensed casinos. However not effective offshore sites such as non gamstop casinos.

Gamblock FAQs

Is there a Gamblock version that comes with a free trial?

No, there are no free trials with this software.

How much does Gamblock go for?

Its price is dependent on several factors, including the type of plan, support type, and license strength.

Which sites can Gamblock block?

Besides iGaming websites, this tool also blocks your access to Onion, Proxy, DNS, and VPN apps.