Is Gamban a good option for casinos not in the UK?

Do you need to get away from online betting and gambling? Are you cheating on your self-exclusion program with online casinos not in the UK that are not featured on Gamstop? Maybe it is time you tried Gamban, a software that restricts you from accessing iGaming content. As you keep reading this Gamban review, we hope you learn all there is to know about this solution.

Gamban is a simple and relatively cheap tool that keeps players away from triggers. Besides its gambling-blocking prowess, this service also restricts access to all sorts of internet gaming. These include sportsbooks, esports, skins, trading websites, and cryptocurrencies.

Gamban will handle all your issues elegantly without anyone noticing you have the software. If you are still interested, you might want to proceed further, as we will talk about the operation of the platform, its pros and cons, alternatives, and the possibility of uninstalling it. At the end of this article, we will also focus on the frequently asked questions about Gamban.

How Does It Work?

Gamban software is designed to help problem gamblers control their gambling urges. It keeps them away from betting sites and casinos without verification. It does so by using a series of multilayered bans that ensure users have no access to iGaming-related websites.

Gamban is compatible with PCs and smartphones and aims at banning all European casinos, slot sites and gambling apps. In the rare occasion where a destination is somehow open available, its transactional functionality will be blocked, making depositing impossible.

Gamban Pros and Cons

Installing Gamban software is very easy, and so is using it. Moreover, it makes the list of the most affordable solutions on the market and has loads of positive customer reviews. Here are its upsides.


  • Can Be Used On Mobile Phones: Besides its compatibility with Mac and Windows, Gamban also functions quite well on iOS and Android devices. You can get it from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Cheap and Light: Unlike other solutions that cost a fortune, acquiring Gamban is less costly. With just a single license, you can use it on all of your devices.
  • Downloading and Installing Is Cheap: The process barely eats into your time. Smartphone users have to just click on the “Install” button and let the system do the rest of the work. 
  • Free Trial: Who could say no to a free trial?! Imagine 14 full days of trying this excellent product. With the free trial, you will be able to gauge whether or not the software will work for you. 


Sadly, self-exclusion schemes have never been the best solution for bettors and problem gamblers. Unfortunately, this is true for tools like Gamban, too. As much as there has been positive feedback from users, there have also been complaints. Knowing the drawbacks beforehand will help you set your expectations accordingly and preparing you to deal with issues that may arise.

  • Loopholes In the System: It is apparent that British-based gamblers have figured out a way to gain access to online casinos outside of the UK even with this software on their devices. Some say that soon after restarting, the app stops working, while others claim they can close it and gamble freely.
  • No Live Chat: In its plan, Gamban promises its users live tech support, yet this isn’t the case, as consumers have reported the possible unavailability or slowness of this service.

Is it possible to Remove Gamban?

The whole point of using Gamban is to restrict yourself from accessing gambling content, thus uninstalling it won’t do it for you. You can only be able to go back to your gambling activities when your Gamban license is deactivated. Even if you go as far as closing your account, the system won’t allow you to uninstall the tool from your device. You can only sit and wait for your subscription to expire.

Gamban Alternatives

Is finding the best gambling blocking app proving difficult for you? Well, that shouldn’t worry you. If Gamban isn’t the tool you’re looking for, there are several alternatives to choose from. While some of them are free services, others are paid for. We compiled a detailed list for you so you can select a tool that meets your needs.

  • Netnanny: The service has won several awards for internet browsing and blocking of inappropriate content. While it is common among parents, problem gamblers could benefit from its features, as well. It comes with a website and app blocker.
  • BetBlocker: This is the ultimate free tool for problem gamblers, and it can be used on a wide range of devices. The software functions on over 10,000 sites and allows you to choose your desired self-exclusion period. It would be best if you remembered that once installed, you can’t remove it until your blocking period expires. 
  • BetFilter: BetFilter is a reputable and trustworthy anti-gambling software provider. BetFilter software requires a monthly fee and is compatible with most devices. This is a discreet tool that removes any unnecessary alerts that may annoy you. Like the other options, this can’t be uninstalled until your self-exclusion period expires.
  • Gamblock: For this tool, the name speaks for itself. Since 2000, this software has helped problem gamblers practice disciplined gambling. One feature that stands out for this particular tool is its ability to block new iGaming sites.

Gamban F.A.Qs

I Cannot Install Gamban. What Could Be the Problem?

The installation process is quite quick and straightforward. If your antivirus detects any suspicions in the program, make sure you whitelist it before proceeding with the installation process. If further issues arise, feel free to contact Gamban’s help desk for help.

How Safe Is Gamban?

Gamban only blocks gambling apps and websites without intruding on the use of your devices. All the other apps and websites work this way. However, if you happen to find something wrongfully blocked, get in contact with the support team at

Is There a Difference Between Gamban and Gamstop?

Yes, there is. While Gamban blocks your device from accessing gambling apps and websites, Gamstop is a self-exclusion mechanism that restrains people from accessing gambling websites with a license in the UK registered under this scheme. For example, a casino not on gamstop would still be blocked by Gamban. Using both of them would be great because you may need as many obstacles as possible to control your gambling habits.