Does NetNanny work for Non UK Licensed Sites?

Are you spending an enormous amount of time on non UK licensed gambling and casino sites? Have you lost touch with family and friends because of your gambling activities? Are you often overspending on gaming sites and easily irritable and depressed? Well, these are bad signs. Perhaps it is time you found a good gambling blocking software and practiced self-exclusion before everything comes tumbling down.

We have read several NetNanny reviews, so our team decided it won’t hurt to test the platform too. We had a good time testing it and realized how helpful it would be to punters, considering its power to stop and block both Gamstop-registered online casinos and those casinos not under the Gamstop scheme. Its superior filtering tools are an excellent choice for gambling restrictions.

If at his point, you are still convinced that this is the tool for you, you can continue reading our NetNanny review. We tested all of the software’s critical features, enabling us to give our honest opinion of NetNanny on its functionality, pros, cons, alternatives, and whether or not it can be bypassed. We answered some of your questions concerning the tool at the end of the review.

How does it work?

The multipurpose software helps you filter the internet, stop and block inappropriate content, and shields you from gaining access to EU casinos. NetNanny protects you from up to 14 types of content that could be potentially hurtful and risky. What’s more? When you try to access the harmful content, it will alert your admins. Admins can also access the blocked sites you tried accessing courtesy of the NetNanny Family Feed.

Pros of NetNanny

Installing NetNanny comes with its perks. For a tool that fights gambling addiction, it is quite a fantastic performer. It features filters for restricting iGaming content only and doesn’t intrude on your other online activities. When looked at in this regard, it outdoes others such as Gamblock that has trouble differentiating between video games and iGaming. 

Here are some of the reasons we are in love with this product:

  • Compatibility with Smartphones and Desktops: If you want to stay away from gambling, it is good that you install this software on all your devices. Otherwise, it would be a waste installing it on your desktop and going ahead to gamble using your smartphone. NetNanny lets you cover all your devices: Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.
  • Doubles as a Parental Control Tool: This is a two-in-one product you get at the price of one. Besides blocking gambling-related content, it can also be used to block other inappropriate content to make the internet a safe and better place for your child.
  •  Superior Filtering:  When it comes to top-rated website blocking and parental control, you won’t miss NetNanny on the list. Its filtering tools are the most robust in the market today. Even though admins can turn the filters off, we have to give credit where it is due. If you want reliability, NetNanny gives you just that and so much more. Also, it blocks casinos no matter what license they have. For example, it has no issues blocking Curacao casinos just as well as UKGC casinos.

NetNanny Cons

Even though there are several benefits associated with NetNanny, it has its shortcomings. We think it is necessary to mention that since the software wasn’t explicitly designed for problem gamblers, it features powerful tools, but there is no strictness. It is possible for users to remove the software or get rid of some filters, flawing its purpose. 

Other drawbacks include:

  • Expensive: Amongst all gambling blockers, NetNanny is the most costly. People, therefore, tend to avoid it and go for cheaper, if not free, solutions. In addition, it isn’t compatible with multiple devices.
  • No Updates: The iGaming industry experiences constant innovations that NetNanny can’t keep up with given it offers no updates. Compared to its competitors like BetBlocker and BetFilter, this feature renders it inferior.

Can I Remove NetNanny?

Seeing that this tool is more of a parental control tool than a gambling blocker, you can bypass it and gain access to gambling content. You can also uninstall NetNanny entirely if you are tech-savvy or an admin. You simply have to uncheck the gambling sector, and then you will be able to gamble freely.

NetNanny Alternatives

Even though it meets its goals, it may still be an expensive solution for punters, especially those in debt. Also, the fact that it has no updates could push potential users away as it won’t be on par with iGaming trends; hence fighting them will be hard. Here are some worthy alternatives you could consider:

  • Gamban: If you are looking for a solution that will block you from accessing a wide range of potentially harmful destinations, Gamban is the way to go. The platform blocks betting websites, online casinos, and trading destinations and is surprisingly affordable. Do not worry about its compatibility with your devices as it supports both mobile and desktop devices.
  • BetBlocker: This is an ad-free and cost-free gambling blocking software that doubles as a parental control tool. You can install it on your mobile and desktop devices.
  • BetFilter: The tool is popular among players in the UK struggling with gambling addiction and is the only product featuring a free AdBlocker. It is compatible with Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS devices.
  • Gamblock: We hope the above alternatives work for you, so you never have to look at this one. Many users have complained about glitches and slow customer support. Perhaps you’ll find solace in its compatibility with a wide range of devices.

NetNanny FAQ

Do I get a free NetNanny trial?

Unfortunately, no. NetNanny doesn’t come with a product demo or free trial. However, before making a purchasing decision, you can visit the NetNanny website and watch videos demonstrating how it works. Gamban is the only tool with these features.

Why isn’t my Software working?

There are two possibilities here: first, the operating system of your device may be the reason. If your operating system version isn’t supported by NetNanny, the tool won’t work. Second, you might have disabled JavaScript and/or cookies.

Which Sites can NetNanny Block?

NetNanny blocks tobacco, weapons, gambling, nudity, and pornography, among other sites that may seem inappropriate for kids.